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If you’re looking to buy the best air fryer, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve written a complete air fryer review guide to make it easy for you to choose the best air cooker for your budget and cooking needs.

I absolutely love my air fryer and I went to great lengths to make sure I bought the right one before purchasing by completing a tonne of research. My detailed research into finding the top air deep fryer has given me the opportunity to write up detailed hot air fryer reviews.

Please use my airfryer review guide and airfryer comparison table below to help work out which is the best air fryer for you! In addition to the one I picked for myself I’ve also included the other best a2ir fryers on the market.

Top Pick: Best Air Fryer for 2020

Don’t have time to read my all my reviews on air fryers? The best air fryer for 2020 is the Phillips Air Fryer XL. This is the best air fryer to buy in my opinion and it’s the model I have myself. Why? You’ll love it because it has a deep basket that removes from the unit for easy cleaning and is large enough to feed a family of four. It looks good on your kitchen bench top and is remarkably easy to use. You won’t regret purchasing it. Trust me!

Click here to check prices for the Phillips Air Fryer XL.


Best Air Fryer 2020 (Air Fryer Comparison Chart)

What is the best air fryer? In order to compare air fryers and work out the best one for you to purchase, have a think about what kind of cooking you plan on doing and how many people you’re feeding. This will help you compare airfryers based on the features they offer.

ModelWattageBasket CapacityDimensions & WeightRemovable DrawerTemperature RangeTimerPrice

Philips Airfryer XL
1800 W2.65 lbs
12.4" x 16.65" x 11.89"
18.9 lbs
YesAdjustable temperature up to 390°F degrees60 minutes
Auto switch off
Click to Reveal

Philips AirFryer (Original)
1425 W1.76 lbs15.35" x 15.35" x 14.88"
18.8 lbs
YesAdjustable temperature up to 390°F30 mins
Auto switch off
Click to Reveal

BLACK+DECKER HF110SBD 2-Liter Oil Free Air Fryer
1200 W2.11 qt11.5" x 11.5" x 13"
12 lbs
YesAdjustable temperature from 175 to 400°F60 minutes
Auto switch off
Click to Reveal

T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry Low-Fat Healthy AirFryer
1400 W2.2 lbs11.75" x 19.1" x 15.6"
10.4 lbs
YesNon-adjustable, set at 338°FNo auto switch offClick to Reveal

GoWISE USA Electric Digital Air Fryer (2.75 QT)
1350 W2.75 qt8" x 11" x 6"
10.9 lbs
YesAdjustable temperature from 175 to 400°F30 mins
Auto switch off
Click to Reveal

GoWISE USA Air Fryer 5.8-QT Review
1800 W5.8 qt12" x 12" x 11"
14 lbs
YesAdjustable temperature from
175 to 400°F
30 mins
Auto switch off
Click to Reveal

Bear in mind when making airfryer price comparison you need to weight up all the additional features that the higher price models have over the lower ones. It can be tempting just to go for the lower priced model but it might not give you the best air fryer experience. Cheaper isn’t always better!

One note, it’s hard to make an accurate comparison when comparing air fryer sizes on how the capacity of the T-fal, Black & Decker and Phillips brand airfryer compare to the Go Wise because Go Wise only lists their capacity in quarts, not pounds. That being said, visually the Philips XL and Go Wise XL are of a similar size, but the Go Wise is about 2 inches deeper so it’s safe to say that it’s comparable but slightly larger!

What is an air fryer?

An air fryer is an amazing piece of kitchen wizardry that allows you to cook quickly, easily and healthily with hot air.

Sometimes called a hot air fryer, an air chip fryer or an air deep fryer because it essentially “deep fries” your food without the need for any oil. Instead it uses rapidly circulating hot air to cook your food on all sides leaving it perfectly crispy and delicious.

The best part of an air fryer is how quick and easy it is to use. An fryer heats up to temperature and is ready to use in a couple of minutes.

How does an air fryer work?

An air fryer works by rapidly firing air around your food, cooking it quickly and evenly. Here’s a great little video that explains the air frying process:

Why should you buy an air fryer?

  • An air fryer allows you to cook without fat! The most remarkable quality of an air fryer is that allows you to skip almost all the fat in every meal that you cook. If you want to lose weight and cook healthy meals for your family you will love this machine.
  • An air fryer will save you time! Cooking times are much quicker in an air fryer than with a conventional oven or deep fryer.
  • An air fryer will save you money! While the initial investment in an air fryer might seem like a lot of money, you’ll save money in the long run by avoiding the need for takeaway food, being able to quickly cook frozen food and cooking easily from scratch.
  • An air fryer is energy efficient! Rather than firing up your convection oven every time you want to cook something, you can simply pop it in the air fryer and use much less electricity.

What to look for when buying a hot air fryer

If you’re wondering what to look for in an air fryer or need help working out the best size air fryer to buy then consider all these features first:

  • Basket capacity – What size air fryer do I need? Choose a basket capacity that suits your cooking needs. A family will need a larger basket capacity than a couple or single.
  • Removable drawer – A removable drawer makes it a lot easier to clean your air fryer after use.
  • Wattage – Higher wattage means a more powerful appliance
  • Brand name – A recognisable brand name does stand for something in the air fryer business. Larger companies like Philips have put a lot of R&D into making their hot air fryers the best on the market.
  • Price – As with any purchase, price is a huge contributing factor. You’ll see that same air fryers are much more expensive than others.

Top 6 Best Air Fryer Reviews for 2020

These reviews will help you choose the best air fryer 2020 for your cooking needs and your budget.


Philips Airfryer XL Review

My top pick for best air fryer for a family!

I love this air fryer! When going through reviews of air fryers it was clear to me that the Philips Airfyer XL was the #1 air fryer for my family. I purchased it and have absolutely no regrets. I use my air fryer on a daily basis to cook meals for myself and my kids in no time. If you want to know what size air fryer for a family of 4 to buy then this is the best one of the market. Have a read through my Philips Air Fryer review to see why it’s my top pick!

The digital display is easy to use with functions to change the temperature up to 390 degrees F and also set the timer for up to 60 mins. There’s a favorite button that allows you to program you favourite time/temperature setting.

The basket and drawer are both easy to remove and wash up. Note that they are supposedly dishwasher safe but all I ever need to do to clean my air fryer basket & drawer is wipe it down with a damp paper.

The Philips XL (sometimes called the Avance collection) is available in both black and white and sits easily on a counter tops or can be packed away in the kitchen pantry.

Advantages of this model:

  • Capacity – The basket capacity is the main selling point of this unit to me. The 2.5 lbs capactiy basket allows me to cook enough french fries for our family in one go.
  • Display – The digital display on this model is very sleek and easy to use. The favorite button makes one touch cooking easy.

Disadvantages of this model:

  • Cost – To me, the only negative of this unit is the cost. Although I think the Philips XL is easily worth the sticker price it’s not as affordable as other air fryers on the market. 

Price: Click here to check prices on the Philips Airfryer XL or 

Philips AirFryer Review

My top pick for best air fryer for singles or couples!

If you’re just starting to look at Philips air fryer reviews then this is a good model to begin your comparison process. It’s the best selling air fryer on the market today and therefore a great choice if you want to get started with the best dry fryer.

The Philips AirFryer (sometimes referred to as the Original or Viva collection) is a sleek machine, available in black or white. With an analog display that allows you to set the temperature up to 390 degrees F and a timer that goes up to 30 minutes, you’ll quickly learn the ins and outs of this machine. The fryer basket and drawer are both removable for easy cleaning. A recipe book is included to start you off with some ideas on what to cook in your new air fryer.

In short, if you want a great air fryer and don’t need a huge capacity then this model is a fantastic choice.

Advantages of this model:

  • Affordable – This is the most affordable Philips air fryer on the market. It costs about half what the XL model I mention above costs.
  • Top-Seller – Because this is the top selling air fryer on the market, there are lots of accessories for this model to help you cook different ways like skewering, grilling and baking. 

Disadvantages of this model:

  • Capacity – Capacity is the main disadvantage when reading reviews for Philips airfryers of this model. It’s fine for couples or singles but not large enough for use by families.
  • Display – This unit does not have a digital display which is a distinct disadvantage when comparing it to the Philips XL air fryer. 

Price: Click here to get prices on the Philips AirFryer or 

BLACK+DECKER HF110SBD 2-Liter Oil Free Air Fryer Review

My top pick for best price air fryer!

As much as I love my Philips XL, if you’re looking for something more affordable then the Black & Decker airfryer is the best priced air fryer. It’s not the absolute cheapest air fryer on the market but it’s a fantastic model for those who want a brand name they can trust and the quality that goes along with it.

The Black & Decker air fryer has 2 liter basket capacity which is suitable for a couple or single to use to cook food, prepare frozen snacks and reheat leftovers… did I mention air fryers are a great way to heat up leftover pizza?

It’s comparable in size to the Philips AirFryer original but is cheaper by about one third the price. This makes it a good buy in my opinion and my vote for best cheap air fryer.

Advantages of this model:

  • Price – If you don’t want to spend a tonne of money but still want brand name recognition, then this is a great air fryer.

Disadvantages of this model:

  • No accessories offered – Black & Decker doesn’t offer the option to purchase additional accessories for other cooking methods like Philips and GoWise do.
  • Analog display – No touch screen or digital display here! Just good old fashioned dials to adjust the temperature and timer.

Price: Click here to check the price on the BLACK+DECKER HF110SBD 2-Liter Oil Free Air Fryer or 

T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry Low-Fat Healthy AirFryer Review

My top pick for best air fryer for chips or french fries!

If you mainly want an air fryer for cooking french fries or chips then the T-fal ActiFry is a great choice. As one of the first air fryers on the market, the T-fal ActiFry might be familiar to you.

It looks a little different to the other air fryers on our list which feel and function more like a deep fryer with a basket. The ActiFry has a stirring paddle that moved your food gently around as it cooks with hot air. The food cooks on a pan rather than a basket which means you can cook more “stir fry type” foods as well.

However, this machine is renowned for doing a great job at cooking french fries and chips so, if that’s your primary reason for wanting an air fryer, then this is a great buy. The capacity is large enough to cook four servings of french fries at a time.

Advantages of this model:

  • See through lid – The T-fal ActiFry has a see through lid so you can watch your food cook and monitor it without opening the unit.
  • Stirring paddle – The stirring paddle and the fact the food cooks directly in the tray without a basket is a plus as it makes cooking methods slightly more versatile.

Disadvantages of this model:

  • More pieces to wash – Because of the style of the Actifry there are more pieces to take apart and wash up after cooking.
  • Oil is required – One of the main selling points of this machine is that it fries with just 1 TBSP of oil. However, with the Philips AirFryer I have found I can cook chips with zero fat involved.
  • No auto-off – This machine does not turn off once the timer is done. 

Price: Click here to check prices on the T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry Low-Fat Healthy AirFryer or 

GoWISE USA Electric Digital Air Fryer (2.75 QT) Review

My top pick for best air fryer under $100!

If you really want an air fryer but don’t have a lot of cash to spend then check out this small Go Wise fryer. You’ll love the price on this smaller air fryer. It’s reasonable enough to make it a nice gift for someone moving into a new home or a college kid going to live off campus. While other cheap air fryers in the same price range are available, the Go Wise gets far better reviews than any of these (like the Rosewill, Gourmia or Chefman).

The capacity of the basket at 2.75 quarts (or 2.6 liters) is comparable to the Black & Decker model above and the Philips Air Fryer original. The digital display is easy to use and adjust temperature and timer settings up and down. It also comes in black, white and a snazzy red color.

Advantages of this model:

  • Price – The price on this model is a real winner. It comes in well under $100!
  • Small footprint – One of the huge bonuses of this air fryer is it has a much smaller footprint which means it doesn’t take up a lot of bench or cupboard space.

Disadvantages of this model:

  • Capacity – The capacity of the basket on this air fryer is rather small. It’s fine for 1-2 people or just cooking fries and snacks.

Prices: Check prices for the GoWISE USA Electric Digital Air Fryer (2.75 QT) or 

GoWISE USA Air Fryer 5.8-QT Review

My top pick for best air fryer for large capacity cooking

If you have a large family or cook regularly for groups of more than four people then this is the best hot air fryer for you. The increased capacity means you can cook a whole chicken in this air fryer which is a real winner if you want to “cook” rather than just “fry”.

Advantages of this model:

  • Capacity – With a 5.8 quart basket you can’t beat this air fryer for size!

Disadvantages of this model:

  • Lot of buttons – The amount of buttons on the touch screen display really seems unnecessary and could overwhelm technophobic cooks.
  • Large footprint – With the increased capacity obviously comes a larger sized air fryer which can be a problem when making space to store it on a bench top or put away in a smaller kitchen.

Prices: Check prices here for the GoWISE USA Air Fryer (5.8 QT) or 

Tips for Buying an Air Fryer

Buying an air fryer online is a great idea. You can easily purchase an air fryer on Amazon and get free shipping using Amazon Prime. Plus it’s easy to find warranty information online before you purchase and make comparisons using sites like mine to read through air cooker reviews before deciding which air fryer best suits your needs.

Another good tip for buying an air fryer, compare prices with purchasing a refurbished model rather than brand new. You’ll get considerable savings by going to a certified refurbished model and can go for a better brand or higher capacity air fryer.

Best Air Fryer Accessories

Before buying a new air fryer compare what accessories are available for the model you plan on purchasing. The best healthy fryer is one that you’ll use every day for many different meals, not one that will sit in your cupboard and only get pulled out to cook chips.

Buy purchasing a few accessories you can really up your air fryer cooking game. Outside of the usual “deep frying” basket, you can also purchase things like a baking tray, skewering rack, a grilling plate etc.

Best Accessories for Philips Air Fryer

Best Accessories for T-fal Actifry Air Fryer

Best Accessories for GoWise Air Fryer

Kitchen Tools to Use with Your Air Fryer

In addition, a good pair of tongs are really useful for lifting food out of the air fryer after cooking, without having to remove the whole basket.

I hope my best airfryer review guide has helped you come to a decision on which air fryer is best. If you have any further questions or comments on how to choose an airfryer please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m happy to chat fat free fryer reviews at any time with my readers. If you’re still wondering what size air fryer should I get then ask me a question below.

I hope you can see after reading my reviews, air fryer cooking is the way to go! If my air fryer buying guide has been useful for you, let me know in the comments below.


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